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 Combat Boots
  • Guadalcanal
  • Battle of the Bulge

     Ancient World
  • Terrors of the Night
  • Echoes of the Old Ones
  • Punisher's Keep
  • Upon the Wind
  • Ebon Rebirth
  • Shadows in the Dark
  • Emerald Twilight
  • The Thing in the Lake
  • The Oracle's Breath
  • Raid on Cygnosa
  • Fire in the Streets
  • The Dark Vale
  • Wolves on the Rhine
  • Gates to the Underworld
  • Sewers of Redpoint
  • Island of Lost Spells
  • Crown of Kings

     Time and Space
  • Deceit and Betrayal
  • Into Chaos
  • At Empire's End
  • Dark Star Incident
  • Oasis
  • Void Station 57

     Untamed West
  • Sunset at Silver Creek
  • Blood in the Dust

  • Legends (PDF)
  • Time & Space (PDF)
  • Untamed West (PDF)
  • Skirmishers Miniatures (PDF)

     Sample Modules
  • Save Our Ship (PDF)
  • Repel Boarders Starboard (PDF)
  • The Sorcerer 's Manor (PDF)
  • Orcs of the High Mountains (PDF)

    The Andromeda Mining Corporation's materials reclamation project identifies reverted worlds with high concentrations of industrial materials, both processed and raw. In the case of Oasis, radiation has dropped to the point where human intervention is sustainable.

    The Andromeda Probe LTS2 launched one week ago, and upon penetrating the planet's atmosphere, immediately lost communication. Despite company policy that any victor-class radioactive planet must first be explored by unmanned probe, the projected financial rate of return of exploitation exceeds probable loss, including legal action.

    Your mission is to recover the Andromeda Probe and return it here to this sector outpost for analysis.

    Oasis: $12.95

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