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 Combat Boots
  • Battle of the Bulge

     Ancient World
  • Echoes of the Old Ones
  • Punisher's Keep
  • Upon the Wind
  • Ebon Rebirth
  • Shadows in the Dark
  • Emerald Twilight
  • The Thing in the Lake
  • The Oracle's Breath
  • Raid on Cygnosa
  • Fire in the Streets
  • The Dark Vale
  • Wolves on the Rhine
  • Gates to the Underworld
  • Sewers of Redpoint
  • Island of Lost Spells
  • Crown of Kings

     Time and Space
  • Into Chaos
  • At Empire's End
  • Dark Star Incident
  • Oasis
  • Void Station 57

     Untamed West
  • Sunset at Silver Creek
  • Blood in the Dust

  • Legends (PDF)
  • Time & Space (PDF)
  • Untamed West (PDF)

     Sample Modules
  • Save Our Ship (PDF)
  • Repel Boarders Starboard (PDF)
  • The Sorcerer 's Manor (PDF)
  • Orcs of the High Mountains (PDF)

    Legend has it that the 'Oracle's Breath' is a powerful relic. Whosoever possesses the trinket can write his own fate. 'Rumors often exceed the truth,' you smirk to yourself. It is no surprise, however, that one day, Caius, a powerful merchant, approaches your group and makes a very lucrative offer.

    'Return the Oracle's Breath to me, and I will pay each one of you who comes back 300 silver pieces,' he states.

    But that was weeks ago. Now as your skiff approaches the damp wooden pier in the smothering fog, only one thought races through your mind. "What have I gotten myself into!" So you grab your weapons, and tie off, preparing for riches and reward, or a fight for your life in search of the Oracle's Breath.

    The Oracle's Breath: $12.95

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