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 Ancient World
  • Echoes of the Old Ones
  • Punisher's Keep
  • Upon the Wind
  • Ebon Rebirth
  • Shadows in the Dark
  • Emerald Twilight
  • The Thing in the Lake
  • The Oracle's Breath
  • Raid on Cygnosa
  • Fire in the Streets
  • The Dark Vale
  • Wolves on the Rhine
  • Gates to the Underworld
  • Sewers of Redpoint
  • Island of Lost Spells
  • Crown of Kings

     Time and Space
  • Into Chaos
  • At Empire's End
  • Dark Star Incident
  • Oasis
  • Void Station 57

     Untamed West
  • Blood in the Dust

  • Legends (PDF)
  • Time & Space (PDF)
  • Untamed West (PDF)

     Sample Modules
  • Save Our Ship (PDF)
  • Repel Boarders Starboard (PDF)
  • The Sorcerer 's Manor (PDF)
  • Orcs of the High Mountains (PDF)

    Kirk Woller

    Kirk Woller (1959 - ) has been involved in gaming since a very young child and bought his first historical board game at the age of 11 with birthday money. After helping to start a game club at his local high school his interest in role playing was piqued by a purchase of "Melee" (Metagaming) from the neighborhood hobby store in 1977. Expanding into The Fantasy Trip and other RPG systems while attending the University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Education - Mathematics, Physical Sciences) he worked a short stint at Steve Jackson Games before moving to San Antonio, TX to work in the Physics department of a local college. He continued his gaming activities while earning another degree (B.S. Computer Science) and pursuing graduate studies at The University of Texas at San Antonio and subsequent software development work in San Antonio and Austin. Kirk also studied for over 25 years in the Chinese martial arts earning his 7th deng (3rd degree) black belt in Shuai Chiao (shwy jow), a highly effective and demanding throwing art used throughout China and which is now spreading to countries throughout the world. In the late 1980s he toured China as part of a competitive martial arts team. Other combat related sports studied include fencing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Escrima, and Chinese Long Fist. Additionally, Kirk has participated in numerous triathlons (run, bike, swim) and completed a full triathlon (2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) in the Texas Hill Country. He also has renewed his interest in natural horse training after initial equine exposure as a child on his grandfather's farm, and currently works as a software developer for a major defense contractor. His most recent project, besides game development activities for Dark City Games and participating as a game master and player in a multi-year role playing adventure, was to restore a 1920s house in central San Antonio which he now calls home.

    Production Team
  • George Dew
  • Bret Winters
  • Artists
  • Dario Corallo
  • Nicole Cardiff
  • Mark Hill
  • Minor Brothers
  • David O. Miller
  • Bob Reese
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